Update – Swamp Fat Jangles to headline 20th October CWP 4th Birthday

We’re very pleased to announce Swamp Fat Jangles will be gracing our stage at 9:45 :)

“The Swamp Fat Jangles story begins in the bayou. Located in an unexpected area of Sydney, the Swamp is hidden from the city in a secret place. The brackish muddy waters that birthed the Jangles informs the band’s sound, and produces a music drunk on the frog’s burp and the mud’s suck. With instruments formed in the stinking soup, the Jangles pour a hypnotic soundtrack from their swamp. The songs and poems that were forged there have now been called to the busking streets and dusty festivals, to which the Jangles bring the swamp, and the audiences bring the stomp.
Swamp Fat’s music is punctuated by the swamp’s resident soothsayer. A word witch-doctor who spits half-truths and trances. Framing the Jangles with her storytelling, the old crone evokes call and response culture, which engages the audience and propels the Jangles’ performance into a theatrical experience. With narration and spoken word exposing secrets and tales from the isolated swamp and its creatures, the Jangles sing songs of dark truths and the mysterious monsters that dwell within them or roam around their muddy playground. They present themselves and their tales in a raw performance, with poetic female vocals atop the rhythms of Banjo, Guitar and Bass accompanied by bendy blues harp or clarinet and percussion. To the audiences eye they appear as a whirling bunch of miscreants from a mythical land, with feathers, fur and eyeballs to spare.
Swamp Fat have been plucking these notes and narratives from the Swamp for a little over a year now, and as they get on so do they reach deeper into the wooded darkness to reveal and confess stories of their swamp, be it a place in reality or a space they have created with their writing. ”