Chicks With Picks September 14

We’re back at The Town Hall Hotel in Newtown for another BIG night of talented performers and awesome bands. Oh and Marlena Dali, a circus sideshow performer all the way from Venice Beach Freakshow in LA.. Y’know, just to mix things up a little.

This month we’re excited to have the bands No Illuminati and Mirella’s Inferno grace our stage and of course the open mic from 7pm featuring:

Cassie Judychair
Rachael James
Maxine Kauter
Zara Ahmed
Stefanie Lim
Brigit Murane
Pilot Darcy

(this is not the playing order)

Get in early; the first ten punters will score drink vouchers.. and couches!


No IlluminatiOn stage at 11pm

The live show’s historical journey takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride through blues rock, electric jazz, alternative rock and modern electronica. Arrangements move from extremes and snatching at everything in between; heavy, growling, distortion laden rock and roll to stripped back acoustic ballads. The band has attracted attention partly due to its unusual and unorthodox sound; the keyboards that form the backbone of the band operate with a moog little phatty analog synthesizer as the bass with the sounds of a variety of tonewheel and transistor organs on the right hand (hammond b3, vox continental, farfisa compact) forming a massive wall of sound.

Mirella’s Infernoon stage at 10pm

Classic literary references, 90s synth throwbacks and an ever growing circle of bandmates culminate to make one of Sydney’s most distinctive up-and-comers – Mirella’s Inferno.
This alternative-electro pop band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter, Meghan Dea. Drawn to music that is both poignant yet upbeat, Meghan makes music that is carefully balanced. Equal parts dramatic and danceable, their sound reflects a dark intimacy colliding with a subtle vulnerability.
Mixing the high energy of electro with vivid storytelling, Mirella’s Inferno gives electronic music a fresh organic feel, allowing a connection to be established beyond just the music heard.

Entry is free!