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Chicks With Picks November 17

We’re back! Try to look surprised?

On Sunday November 17th we will have 11 open mic acts and a band set from The Troubled Romantics- the music kicks off at 5pm. The first ten people to approach McKenzie on the night (after 4:30) will get a drink voucher and first claim on the couches! She’s the one with pink/purple hair and a finger up her nose ;)

The Troubled Romantics are a three piece from Sydney. Raised on the dizzying drone of poker machines and RSL orange juice, The Troubled Romantics take their cue from what the olds had to teach them about love and luck and turn it into some kind of rock n roll thing.

Before The Troubled Romantics take the stage at 9pm we have the open mic performers:

5:00 Emma Menzies
5:20 Bonita Jean
5:40 Hollie Matthew
6:00 Nikolaine Martin
6:20 Emma Barry
6:40 Faith Chaza
7:00 Gabby Dever
7:20 Siobhan Poynton
7:40 Cherry on Top
8:00 Ess Em
8:20 Jade Lee Wright

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November 17 at The Town Hall Hotel, Newtown