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Our First Live Album!

Sally has been quietly locked in her room for the past few months and has finally finished mixing an album recorded at our huge Fair Day gig in February this year. All proceeds will go to Elsie Women’s Refuge in Glebe and it features some of our favourite artists who have all donated their songs in aid of the cause. Aside from the fundraising side we also think it’s a very good album with some great performances, check it out.

You can buy it online at bandcamp now: it is $5 minimum donation but you can pay more if you wish and we do encourage that because it is a fundraiser after all, Elsie and other organisations like it in NSW are facing huge funding cuts at the moment.

If you would prefer a hard copy come to the next Chicks With Picks on May 18, we will be launching it there and the CD will have bonus tracks on it not included on the digital download (it will cost more though!).

Here’s the blurb on Elsie if you’re not familiar with the organisation:

“The other week we got to take a bunch of families to see the Lion King with donated money. Man- the happiness it gave the mums and kids to do something they could never usually afford!!”

- Account of staff member at Elsie Women’s Refuge.

Elsie Women’s Refuge was the first women’s refuge in Australia. It opened in 1974 when a group of women squatted in an unoccupied property in Glebe and opened the doors to women and children fleeing domestic violence. The refuge provides an invaluable service to our community today, as it did when it first opened. You can read more about Elsie Women’s Refuge here.
(It really is an amazing story).

We are hoping to fundraise for the refuge so as to cover social activities for the women and children. Please donate what you can; ALL proceeds will be donated to Elsie Women’s Refuge. There is a $5 minimum donation but if you can donate more, we STRONGLY encourage you to do so. There will be hard copies at a minimum donation of $10 as they come with BONUS TRACKS!!
If you desperately want a copy of the album but are on welfare/living below the poverty line and genuinely cannot afford to pay, please approach Mac at any future Chicks With Picks events and we will arrange a hard copy for you. Thank you for your donation and support :)

Yeah Music And Art Makers

Check out this blog that our long time friend and CWP performer/supporter Pilot Darcy has just launched – it’s a round up of the the local arts scene and stories on some of the people that make it up. Pilot has been playing at CWP since the very beginning and all over the world for…longer than we’re allowed to say. Click on the pic to check out her new page.

Pilot Darcy playing at CWP September 2013

Pilot Darcy playing at CWP September 2013