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Details of upcoming shows

Fair Day After Party

Our biggest gig of the year is coming up – Music from SCABZ, Maxine Kauter Band, ‘Hey Lady!’, La Luz, Stellar Addiction (acoustic) and more!

It’s on February 21 and starts a bit earlier than usual at 4pm.
Check out the event for updates on the lineup, click the poster below to go to it.


Chicks With Picks in November – Two gigs!!

We have two shows coming up for you this month! The first is a sneaky showcase on Thursday the 5th of November at 9pm to warm up for the Newtown Festival, click the poster to go to the event for details of the artists performing.

Secondly is our regular CWP open mic on Sunday the 15th of November


Chicks With Picks September 20 – Recording Initiative

September 20 posterThis September at Chicks With Picks we’re doing something special to help our artists get their material out there: every act that performs on September 20 will be recorded and they will get a copy of their audio files to take home. One act determined by popular vote will get their set mixed and mastered at Nut ‘N’ Butter Studio for a release quality recording.

This act will also have the option of playing a paid set at the Chicks With Picks 6th Birfday event on the 17th of October.


The same rules as regular Chicks With Picks events apply – the gig is open to any woman fronted musical act. Woman fronted means there can be men in supporting roles in the act but they must not be the focus, e.g. sing lead vocal. This is a women’s performance space.

Please note that RSA rules apply to performers and if the venue staff deem you to be intoxicated they may remove you or disallow entry and we cannot override this – likewise all performers must be over 18 and be carrying ID to get in, no exceptions.

    The Process:

The show will run as normal with 20 minute spots for acoustic acts and 30 minutes for bands, you will receive a full worksheet for the logistics of how this will happen. Backline will be provided for bands.


You need to bring a hard drive or flash drive to collect your audio files, it needs to have at least 5GB free space and be either Fat32 or exFat format. It is your responsibility to bring this and we cannot provide a drive or burn a DVD for you. We will try our best to give you the files at the end of the evening but you may have to leave the drive with us to collect another time, in that event they will be ready for you to collect by the evening of Wednesday the 23.9.15

Chicks With Picks will not own your audio recordings or retain any rights to them. Your worksheet will provide tips on how to get the best possible recording – all care is taken but no warranties are provided as to the quality of your recording. By quality we mean even levels, no clipping etc; mainly this means it is your responsibility to follow instructions during line check, not turn amps up/play & sing louder after that etc.

The audio is recorded at 48KHz in 24 bit .wav files, you get each channel pre-processing (i.e. the stems) and a room mic; to be clear this is a raw data file, it is not “release ready” but you can make a release quality product out of it through your own avenues if you do not win.

The winner gets a release ready mix from Nut & Butter Studios, this is audio only – artwork and pressing etc. is the artist’s responsibility. The prize is not redeemable for cash but you may trade for with a 10% discount on any package Nut N Butter Studios offers if you prefer to do that.


The vote will be held online, we will post a video clip from each acts performance on our Facebook page by the 25th of September – the video with the most likes wins. We will do a post to get the voting started but from there it is your responsibility to promote your video. Make sure when you share that you direct people to like the video itself (not the share link). Only likes on the video itself can be counted.

Voting will close 6pm on the 9th of October. By entering this competition you are consenting to us filming your performance and uploading to Facebook. You may withdraw this consent at any time but if it is before the end of the voting period you will be ineligible for the prize.

    Playing times:

You must be available to perform any time between 5pm and 11pm on the 20th of September to enter; times and the running order are to be decided by the promoter.


Send us an email at telling us the details of your act – are you solo? Duo? Band? Include in that email links to your Facebook artist page if you have one, as well as any existing examples of your work online and please indicate if you are available to play the Birfday gig on the 17th of October should you win the popular vote.

Spaces are limited:
- We will take entries until the 2nd of September.
- If there are more entries than spaces available we will decide the lineup of acts to perform
- If there are still spaces left after the 2nd of September entries are accepted on a first come first served basis.

We reserve the right to amend terms and deadlines if necessary, you will be notified by email if this occurs.

Chicks With Picks August 16

Got another big show coming up: this month we have RAD in the band spot AND Rainbow Death Ray playing just before that, as well as a whole lot of acoustic talent. Click the poster to go to the Facebook event, stay tuned for the announcement next week of our special September event!

(Hint, if you’re in a band keep the 20th free).CWP-poster.-web-Augustjpg

Chicks With Picks May

It’s that time of the month again, on May 17 we are featuring Ginkinta in the band spot and a whole lot of acoustic talent on stage from 5pm. As usual there’s a drink ticket up for grabs to the first ten people to ask for one from Mac after 4:30 and besides that the pub has happy hour from 5-7pm – yes you can still get those cocktails with the free sunglasses.

Want to play? Send a private message to Chick Pick or email us (see contact page).

Click the poster to go to the Facebook event.

Bec  & Hayley playing in April

Bec & Hayley playing in April

Chicks With Picks April



Great lineup this month, click the poster to go to the event on Facebook:

5:00 - Saffire Rose
5:20 – Shasha
5:40 - CJ Fairleight
6:00 - Rachael James feat. Vonnie Towner
6:20 - Khiara Jade
6:40 -
7:00 - Pilot Darcy
7:20 - Ingrid Mae
7:40 - Bronwyn Æther
8:00 – Platonic Carrot Caricatures (Kelly Jeanious and Jackie Latimore)
8:20 - Colleen Fricker
8:40 -
9:00 - Bec Hill and Hayley Legg
9:20 - Sally Hackett 

10PM Sepora

Chicks With Picks March 15

After the Fair Day madness we’re looking forward to a classic CWP open mic on sunday the 15th.

The set times are below:

5:00 – Georgia Mulligan

5:20 – Keely Denham

5:40 -

6:00 – Ingrid Mae

6:20 – Beck Fielding

6:40 – She Lion

7:00 – Kirsty Bolton

7:20 – Kayza K

7:40 -

8:00 – Constance Fairleight

8:20 – Cat Robinson

8:40 – Rachael Maria Cox

9:00 – Ess Em

9:30 – Sepora

10:00 – Proof Of Light

<a href=””>Click here</a> to go to the Facebook event.CWP-March-2015-web-poster





CWP Fair Day 22.2.15 Lineup announcement

So we figure it’s time we actually announce who’s playing!

Candy Royalle is headlining the show this year with her band Sloppy Joe. We’ve also dusted off Sepora and the Gentlemen for their long awaited comeback show, we’re finally seeing the full lineup of Stellar Addiction, SCABZ will be providing the soundtrack to your cigarette/toilet break and Library Siesta are also returning from a long…siesta…in the library.

But wait, there’s more: in the acoustic part of the evening we have the debut from Proof of Light and solo sets from Hayley Legg, Sammy G, Lauren Victoria and Gabby Dever!

Worth the extra walk down King St. away from the DJ’s we think.

Click the poster to go to the event page.