Chicks With Picks Easter Sunday!

Kicks off at 4pm with open mic then bands from 6:30 :)

Click the poster if you’d like to see the Facebook event. If you haven’t been before, we’re at The Town Hall Hotel in Newtown (326 King St, next to the station).

Set times:

4:15 – Bridie Leah
4:35 – Hayley Legg
4:55 – Leith Sharp
5:15- Soph Alpen
5:35 – Hannah Jane
5:55 – Sepora

6:30 – The Mis-Made (unplugged)
7:00 – No Illuminati
8:00 – Miss Strychnine & The Poison Fingers
9:00 – The Belle Havens
10:00 – Swamp Fat Jangles


Chicks With Picks March 16

Well, it’s time again – we’re back at The Townie for another Chicks With Picks Classic Edition™. We have heaps of open mic acts, a band set by The Leukocytes, free raffle prizes and most of all there will be boobs. Probably.

Click the poster below if you’d like to see the Facebook event where details of the lineup will be posted, don’t forget to add Chick Pick if you want to stay connected to all our events and photos from them.

Sepora played at the Fair Day gig 9.2.14

Sepora played at the Fair Day gig 9.2.14

Fabulous Fair Day After Party!

Fair Day, Fair Day, Fair Day!
Where would we be without it?
Probably a little less sunburnt and maybe not so pumped for Mardi Gras season, I imagine.

Let’s rock yet another Fair Day and make it even more fabulous with a Fabulous Fair Day After Party!

We have more talent than ever before and it’s going to be a freakin’ awesome gig!
Here’s the set times:

4:15 – Al Louis
4:35 – Monica and The Explosion
4:55 – Jade Lee Wright
5:15 – Sepora
6:00 – Cherry On Top
7:00 – SCABZ
8:00 – Bandintexas
9:00 – Maxine Kauter Band
10:00 – Two Girls Will

Drink tickets for the first 20 (YES, TWENTY!) people to approach Mac from 4PM :) I’m not great at math, but I think that’s enough for YOU and at least 19 of your friends- get on it!
Click the pic below to see the Facebook event :)


Chicks With Picks Xmas Party!

So we thought we had better end the year with a big one, we had to move it to a Saturday night to fit it all in: on the 21st of December we have three bands and six of our favourite open mic acts. The music starts at 7pm and as always the fist ten people to approach McKenzie (purple and pink hair plus the stressed look of an event manager) get a free drink and good odds of claiming the couch.

Here’s the lineup:

7:00 – Meri Amber
7:20 – Pilot Darcy
7:40 – Siobhan Poynton
8:00 – Bec Hill
8:20 – Brigit Murane
8:40 – Cherry On Top

9:00 – The Double Shadows
10:00 – Leura
11:00 – Bandintexas

See you there?? Click the poster below if you’d like to join the facebook event.

Chicks With Picks November 17

We’re back! Try to look surprised?

On Sunday November 17th we will have 11 open mic acts and a band set from The Troubled Romantics- the music kicks off at 5pm. The first ten people to approach McKenzie on the night (after 4:30) will get a drink voucher and first claim on the couches! She’s the one with pink/purple hair and a finger up her nose ;)

The Troubled Romantics are a three piece from Sydney. Raised on the dizzying drone of poker machines and RSL orange juice, The Troubled Romantics take their cue from what the olds had to teach them about love and luck and turn it into some kind of rock n roll thing.

Before The Troubled Romantics take the stage at 9pm we have the open mic performers:

5:00 Emma Menzies
5:20 Bonita Jean
5:40 Hollie Matthew
6:00 Nikolaine Martin
6:20 Emma Barry
6:40 Faith Chaza
7:00 Gabby Dever
7:20 Siobhan Poynton
7:40 Cherry on Top
8:00 Ess Em
8:20 Jade Lee Wright

Click it.

November 17 at The Town Hall Hotel, Newtown

Update – Swamp Fat Jangles to headline 20th October CWP 4th Birthday

We’re very pleased to announce Swamp Fat Jangles will be gracing our stage at 9:45 :)

“The Swamp Fat Jangles story begins in the bayou. Located in an unexpected area of Sydney, the Swamp is hidden from the city in a secret place. The brackish muddy waters that birthed the Jangles informs the band’s sound, and produces a music drunk on the frog’s burp and the mud’s suck. With instruments formed in the stinking soup, the Jangles pour a hypnotic soundtrack from their swamp. The songs and poems that were forged there have now been called to the busking streets and dusty festivals, to which the Jangles bring the swamp, and the audiences bring the stomp.
Swamp Fat’s music is punctuated by the swamp’s resident soothsayer. A word witch-doctor who spits half-truths and trances. Framing the Jangles with her storytelling, the old crone evokes call and response culture, which engages the audience and propels the Jangles’ performance into a theatrical experience. With narration and spoken word exposing secrets and tales from the isolated swamp and its creatures, the Jangles sing songs of dark truths and the mysterious monsters that dwell within them or roam around their muddy playground. They present themselves and their tales in a raw performance, with poetic female vocals atop the rhythms of Banjo, Guitar and Bass accompanied by bendy blues harp or clarinet and percussion. To the audiences eye they appear as a whirling bunch of miscreants from a mythical land, with feathers, fur and eyeballs to spare.
Swamp Fat have been plucking these notes and narratives from the Swamp for a little over a year now, and as they get on so do they reach deeper into the wooded darkness to reveal and confess stories of their swamp, be it a place in reality or a space they have created with their writing. ”

Chicks With Picks October 20 – Our 4th Birthday!

We’re back for a Sunday afternoon classic edition of Chicks With Picks! We can say classic now that we’re 4. Drop in for comfy couches, pool, headstands by McKenzie every hour on the hour and of course an endless stream of talent on the stage from 5pm and a band to close the night. The first 10 people to approach the aforementioned McKenzie at 4:30pm or after will get a free drink ticket, not to mention best odds of claiming a couch. There might be cake.

Click on the poster below if you’d like to join the Facebook event.

Rachael James, CWP October

Rachael James, CWP October

Yeah Music And Art Makers

Check out this blog that our long time friend and CWP performer/supporter Pilot Darcy has just launched – it’s a round up of the the local arts scene and stories on some of the people that make it up. Pilot has been playing at CWP since the very beginning and all over the world for…longer than we’re allowed to say. Click on the pic to check out her new page.

Pilot Darcy playing at CWP September 2013

Pilot Darcy playing at CWP September 2013

Chicks With Picks September 14

We’re back at The Town Hall Hotel in Newtown for another BIG night of talented performers and awesome bands. Oh and Marlena Dali, a circus sideshow performer all the way from Venice Beach Freakshow in LA.. Y’know, just to mix things up a little.

This month we’re excited to have the bands No Illuminati and Mirella’s Inferno grace our stage and of course the open mic from 7pm featuring:

Cassie Judychair
Rachael James
Maxine Kauter
Zara Ahmed
Stefanie Lim
Brigit Murane
Pilot Darcy

(this is not the playing order)

Get in early; the first ten punters will score drink vouchers.. and couches!


No IlluminatiOn stage at 11pm

The live show’s historical journey takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride through blues rock, electric jazz, alternative rock and modern electronica. Arrangements move from extremes and snatching at everything in between; heavy, growling, distortion laden rock and roll to stripped back acoustic ballads. The band has attracted attention partly due to its unusual and unorthodox sound; the keyboards that form the backbone of the band operate with a moog little phatty analog synthesizer as the bass with the sounds of a variety of tonewheel and transistor organs on the right hand (hammond b3, vox continental, farfisa compact) forming a massive wall of sound.

Mirella’s Infernoon stage at 10pm

Classic literary references, 90s synth throwbacks and an ever growing circle of bandmates culminate to make one of Sydney’s most distinctive up-and-comers – Mirella’s Inferno.
This alternative-electro pop band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter, Meghan Dea. Drawn to music that is both poignant yet upbeat, Meghan makes music that is carefully balanced. Equal parts dramatic and danceable, their sound reflects a dark intimacy colliding with a subtle vulnerability.
Mixing the high energy of electro with vivid storytelling, Mirella’s Inferno gives electronic music a fresh organic feel, allowing a connection to be established beyond just the music heard.

Entry is free!

Next CWP date

We’ve booked in the next date, it’s another Saturday night on the 14th of September at The Townie again – if you’re interested in playing please get in contact with us via facebook or email.